About Big Red Decorative Concrete

Our Mission

Big Red Decorative Concrete offers outstanding service, exceptional products and inspiration for concrete.



A Brief History


Kevin and Beth Toczek

It’s hard to be brief when you have 15 years of experience packed with great decorative concrete projects. Kevin and Beth Toczek started out as Big Red Pressure Washing, taking on all the dirty concrete in the area. Kevin enjoyed the power of the pressure washing wand and the satisfaction of a clean surface upon completion but wondered what else he could do “fill-in” during the cold winter months when washing season came to a halt.
Kevin was given a challenge during the winter of 2000. One of Beth’s old business collegues asked Kevin if he could acid stain the floor in a new convenience store. There wasn’t much research material at the time on the internet but he took what he found and created a beautiful, low maintenance and sustainable floor….and the history began!
Kevin did tons of research and took every class available to learn more about decorative concrete. The focus of our business quickly changed to Decorative Concrete. We became the area leader in concrete resurfacing or overlays in the Kansas City metro area. With 1000’s of square feet applied each year we became familiar with various manufacturers of the products. We had a reputation for detail, comprehensive concrete preparation, and beautiful finished projects.
In the fall of 2010 Sundek© approached us to become their new regional dealership. They had researched our business history, our reputation in the industry and even surveyed past projects to see the scope and quality of our work. We had heard of Sundek© throughout the years but never ran across an installer in the area. We researched the product line and company, visited a dealer in another city and tested some of their products before committing to becoming their new regional dealer.
We took the leap, embraced the new product line and haven’t looked back.  The Sundek© brand offers a variety of product applications ranging from pool deck coating systems (Classic Texture) and the newest overlay product made with real limestone (SunStone) to garage floor coatings and metallic epoxy finishes.  Kevin continues to train and improve the skill sets of all of our crew members. Beth continues with sales and office management.

Tom Becker

Beth’s brother, Tom Becker came to work for Big Red the summer of 2013. He brings years of experience from the paint industry and in management to our family run business. He supervises daily operations and crew members. He continues to learn from Kevin and Beth’s years of project experience. It’s hard to see every type of project in just 2 years. He loves the variety and scope of the different projects we work on. He can move from coating a commercial swimming pool, to staining a residential basement and on to a garage floor coating in the same week.
He is looking forward to getting more involved in sales and commercial accounts in the coming year. He gives Kevin and Beth peace of mind so they can walk away from the business from time to time for family vacations.

Frankie Gutierrez

From Crew Member to Crew Leader in three years is not typical in the Sundek industry, but Frankie has taken each new job responsibility in stride.  Frankie takes production from start to finish with attention to detail and great customer service.  He works with new trainees to master the details of concrete preparation and product application.  He understands the steps necessary to achieve unique looks and finishes for all our clients.