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The Process – Polyaspartic Concrete Coating

Decorative Concrete Techniques / December 16, 2022

Sundek SunOne Polyaspartic concrete coating is a fast cure primer, body coat, and top coat with improved impact and abrasion resistance. SunOne is also UV tolerant so it will not amber like traditional epoxies. SunOne polyaspartic is low VOC and can be installed in lower temperatures. If low odor, one day application, and improved performance is your goal, SunOne is your choice for a high-performance flooring coating.

The Installation Process

The installation process for SunOne 80 Polyaspartic is a multi step process that includes surface preparation, application, and topcoat.

Surface Preparation

The surface preparation process begins with repairing all cracks, holes, and any other damage that may be present on the floor. For all our repairs we us Sundek Crack Repair 100, a hybrid urethane crack and concrete repair material. It is a very fast setting, high strength, low viscosity concrete repair material. The two part hybrid urethane system is designed for rapidly rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints, and repairing damaged concrete, even in cold conditions.

After all repair have been completed we begin the diamond grinding process with our Lavina concrete polishers and hand grinders. Diamond grinding uses diamond bits in the machines tooling to cut through the concretes top layer opening up the pores allowing the polyaspartic coating to adhere correctly. We typically will need to run two full passes with our large polishes across the entire surface and cut the walls once with our hand grinders to ensure the concrete is properly ground.

After all repairs are made and the surface is diamond ground, we are finally ready to move on to the application process.


For the application of SunOne 80 polyaspartic we us a 3/8th nap roller to apply the polyaspartic to the floor at approximately 250sq.ft. per gallon. Once the surface has been coated a second person will immediately begin casting vinyl chips onto the wet surface. After approximately 2-6 hours, depending on the temperature, polyaspartic with chips will be dry enough to move onto the next step in the application process.

The next step starts by using a leaf blower or broom to remove all the extra and loose chips from the surface of the floor. We will pick these chips up and they can be used for later use. Once all the excess is pick up we will  use a flat scraper to lightly scrape the top of the floor to remove any high edges of chips. After the floor has been scraped in both directions it is ready to be vacuumed to remove loose chips and to make sure the surface is clean of all contaminates before applying the final topcoat.


The final step in the installation process is applying the topcoat over the base chip coat. We will typically use SunOne 80 polyaspartic for the clear topcoat, but occasionally use the low odor version SunOne 90. The topcoat is applied by pouring out the polyaspartic and using a squeegee to coat the surface. It is then back-rolled to ensure the topcoat is evenly dispersed across the surface and that no spots were missed with the squeegee. The final topcoat may be slippery when wet so we will typically throw anti-slip additive to help reduce the slip hazard on certain installations.

The Final Product

The final product is a coating that will last for years to come. SunOne Polyaspartic concrete coating is great to use just about anywhere you have concrete. It most often is seen in:

  • Garage floors
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals & Firehouses
  • Automotive Service Facilities
  • Restaurants  & Bars
  • Locker Rooms & Break Rooms
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Horizontal & Vertical

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