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Pool Deck Resurfacing in Kansas City

Our fellow residents of Kansa City began using the industry-leading Sundek Pool Deck Coating products over 40 years ago. Whether building a new pool and wanting a cooler than concrete non-slip surface, or remodeling an existing pool to freshen the image, the Sundek Classic Texture Overlay System is a great solution. The choice of 16 Signature Colors and the option to integrate existing cracks into a custom score line pattern offers a solution to most pool deck needs.


Concrete Preparation

The most important step to creating a durable, long-lasting concrete overlay is the concrete preparation. Need old Epoxy Stone or failing Kool Deck removed? Let us remove it and get your concrete slab ready for a beautiful new overlay. We address cracks, spalling, shaling, settling, puddling, and sealer removal during the concrete preparation process.

Pool Deck Coating - Kansas City

Sundek Classic Texture
(Knockdown) Overlay

The Sundek Classic Texture (knockdown) system continues to be a high demand finish for both residential and commercial pool decks. The knockdown texture offers slip resistance, coolness factor and easy maintenance.

Whether your pool deck is old or new, the Sundek Classic Texture knockdown system will offer years of comfort and wear at a very affordable rate.

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of the pool deck. Attention to detail on the concrete preparation process is key to the long-term success of any concrete coating system. Cracks are filled, spalled concrete is patched, and uneven concrete is leveled prior to the application process. Attention to these details sets Big Red Decorative Concrete apart from other installers.

Have dirty, dated or damaged Sundek, Kool Deck or SmartDeck? Let’s us “remodel” your area and bring it back to a beautiful finish. Update the color  with one of our 16 standard Signature Finish Coat Sealers or add a custom stone border with our Sundek Tuscan Overlay system.

Has your deck become cracked over time? Integrating a Custom Scoreline Effect to the overall area will integrate your cracks into an overall pattern across the deck area.

Commercial projects like hotels, community pools, and splash parks benefit from an additional clear topcoat sealer that helps keep the area clean and easy to maintain.

Sundek Tuscan Wood Plank
and Flagstone Overlay

Want a little more design, custom color, or stone effect for your pool deck and patio area? Sundek Tuscan Overlay is like a painters pallet. You give us your inspiration piece (tile, flagstone, wood, etc.) and we will re-create that look on your pool deck, concrete retaining walls, steps and patios.

The concrete preparation is the most critical step in a successful overlay application. Crack fill, pressure washing, repairing broken corners, all get done prior to the application process. Priming the concrete and laying a base/bond coat gives the concrete overlay the canvas to create your signature art piece.

Tuscan Wood Plank Overlays offer the look, feel, and durability of true hardwood floors. Create that custom, rustic look for your patio area and compliment your pool deck with “boardwalks” in your favorite wood finish. Carry that same Wood Plank look into your basement for a seamless transition.

Stamped Concrete - Kansas City

Sundek Sunstamp Overlay

Flagstone, Ashlar Slate, Tile, Blue Stone, and Limestone are beautiful stone finishes that might be out of your budget. Let’s recreate those same looks with the Sundek SUNSTAMP Overlay system. This versital system can reduce your cost by more than fifty percent.

If we don’t have the stamp you are looking for…no worries we can rent it!

The coloring process begins with an integral color that is added to the concrete mix. This serves as your canvas or pallet color that will bring the stains, dyes, and oxides used to life. These color tools give our SUNSTAMP OVERLAYS more realistic depth, richness, and true color. Sealed with the highest grade solvent sealer, your patio or pool deck will be beautiful for years to come.

Don’t want the entire pool deck with stamped concrete? Consider a border around the edge of the pool to create a coping effect. Use a stamped border around the perimeter of the pool to set it off from the yard or patio.

Big Red Decorative Concrete will work with your personal designer or help design the pool and patio are you are envisioning. We will work together to integrate color, texture and patterns that will seamlessly blend and work with your home and surrounding landscape.

  • Oyster White
  • Bone White
  • Indian Wheat
  • Franciscan Tan
  • Mission Tan
  • Pewter Gray
  • Tweed Gray
  • Smoke Gray
  • Cumberland
  • Peking Blue
  • Slate Blue
  • Terracotta
  • Sable
  • Brick Red
  • Coral
  • Brandy Wine