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Sundek SunEpoxy Coating System

The SunEpoxy Coating System offers options for low and high traffic areas as well as areas that may have higher levels of moisture transmission. The SunEpoxy system comes in a variety of colors and can be used with either colored quartz or vinyl chips. Custom logos and stencils can be added during the installation process.

In our area of the country, moisture transmission rates through concrete vary widely throughout the year. A heavily saturated slab this year may be a very dry and cracking slab next year. Moisture and ground pressure are the most unpredictable factors when finishing a concrete floor that is below grade (basements, garden level apartments, lower level office space.) The SuVapor system takes the guesswork out of choosing a coating system. Proper concrete preparation (shot blasting and filling all cracks) ensures proper product penetration and adhesion. The SunVapor epoxy system utilizes the following steps:

Epoxy Vapor Primer
100% Solids Vapor Epoxy
100% solids clear epoxy

This three-step system reduces moisture transmission in even the most stubborn areas.
Each epoxy coating system is finished with a high-performance urethane topcoat. This reduces ambering from UV lights, increases scratch resistance and adds a stain barrier to the epoxy.

Epoxy coating systems are ideal for finishing garage floors, laboratories, locker rooms, commercial kitchens, and restaurants. Contact Big Red Decorative Concrete—your epoxy coatings leader in the Kansas City area.

Epoxy Flooring - Kansas City

SunEpoxy Garage
Floor Coatings

Epoxy garage floor coating systems offer a durable, stain and impact resistant finish that adds beauty, value and easy cleaning to any interior concrete surface. Garage floors, machine shops, car dealerships and schools are prime locations for SunEpoxy Flooring Systems. This system is a high-build system that offers years of wear and tear from foot, machine and vehicle traffic. Finishing the system with a high strength urethane topcoat ensure years of stain and UV resistance.

Color and design layout choices will compliment any interior decor and  finish setting. Because the product offers high-build properties, it works great on hiding the scars on old concrete. Carpet tack strip holes, cracks, and spalling all disappear under the Epoxy Flooring System. Although the cure time is a little longer than the Polyaspartic Coating System, the high-build properties are a super advantage of this system.

Sunone Polyaspartic Urethane Garage
and Industrial Coatings

Polyaspartic urethane coating systems offer many of the same advantages of epoxy systems but take it a step further. This is a multi coat system that has superior bonding and adhesion to concrete. It is high impact, high heat and stain resistant. It offers anti-microbial properties that make it a great finish for industrial kitchens and commercial and public restrooms.

The systems starts with aggressive concrete preparation and concrete repairs to cracks, spalling, and pitting. A primer coat is applied that imbeds deep in the concrete to ensure a long-term physical and chemical bond. The base coat is color pigmented and topped with a blend of vinyl chips. The vinyl chip blends can be one of our standard blends or create a custom blend of your own. Once the chip coat is dry we scrape, clean up and apply a clear topcoat. This is usually a two day process. The area is back to full active use (cars, fixtures, foot traffic, etc) 24 hours after the topcoat is applied.

This fast curing, high performance coating system will get you back to service and looking incredible in a matter of days. Manufacturing, commercial offices, churches, schools, lofts, barns, and residential garages are the ideal locations for this application.

Metallic Epoxy Coating Systems

Are you looking for the high-build properties of epoxy systems but want a more sophisticated look and feel? SunMetal Effects offers all the benefits of a traditional epoxy coating system but with all the flair and elegance of a marble floor. The metallic and reflector effects of this system creat a truly custom floor that is elegant, beautiful and rich. Think of a mocha…lightly stirred and then imagine that same feel and color over your entire office space, loft condo, or retail shopping space.

There is no other flooring on the market that compares with the overall effect of the SunMetal Effects Metallic flooring system. The floors are seamless which gives the look of continual flow and movement. The light catches the variations in the metallic and emphasizes the depth and range of colors.

These floors are kept beautiful by applying a topcoat of High Traffic Urethane. This industrial grade urethane offers scratch, UV resistance to keep the floors in pristine condition for years to come.

Vapor Barrier and Moisture Control Systems

In both Commercial and Residential projects moisture mitigation or transmission through the slab of concrete is always a concern. Water will mitigate and move wherever and whenever it wants. Our goal is always to install a flooring system that is sustainable with the amount of moisture exposure the area demonstrates. We test all concrete slabs that will receive any of our high performance coating systems. Your concrete may have a “within limits” reading today but may have high moisture exposure in the spring after heavy rains or when a new neighborhood is built a block from you and the water table below ground shifts. These situations are “unknowns” that need to be planned for when installing a high performance coating.

High performance coating systems are “non-breathable” coatings. Moisture will pass through the slab and stop when it hits the coating. This will begin to damage traditional epoxy and urethane coating systems over time. Using a Vapor Barrier Epoxy System will block the moisture from passing through the slab. The chemical and physical properties of the Vapor Barrier Epoxy System penetrate deep in the slab to block the moisture from effecting the coating system.

Using a concrete shot blaster to prepare the floor for Vapor Barrier systems ensure a very aggressive profile for the epoxy adhesion. Vapor Barrier crack fill and patching materials are also used to ensure a cohesive system from start to finish. Once the Vapor Barrier steps are complete, the floor is finished with the application of choice (Epoxy Chip, Metallic or solid color.) You might call this application “Beauty Under Pressure.”