Custom Interior Flooring

Custom Interior Flooring Contractor in Kansas City

Metallic Epoxy Floors With
Sundek Sunmetal Effects

One of the industries brightest additions is the Metallic Reflector  epoxy floor system. Micro metallic dust is suspended in a clear coat of 100% solids epoxy. A dark base color of epoxy will reflect the metallic in the clear topcoat. This will create dramatic, rich effects that will enhance any interior space. Multiple colors of metallic can be weaved together to add more depth and range of color. Special trade secrets and proprietary application methods give these floor true one-of-a-kind quality.

Metallics offer all the benefits of traditional epoxy floors, durability, shine, high build and excellent concrete coverage. They can also be used  with Vapor Barrier Epoxy systems in basements and below grade concrete locations. They can create and edgy and sophisticated finish for Lofts, Retail Shops, Restaurants and Commercial Offices.

Wood Plank Overlay - Kansas City

Sundek Tuscan Wood
Plank Overlay System

Wood plank concrete overlays are rising design trend that just keeps blooming. New techniques, colors and textures are being developed to create realistic wood finishes to compliment any decor.

Install a custom Wood Plank Overlay in your basement, retail store, restaurant or bar and people will notice. They will take a double-take to make sure they are seeing the real thing. Wood Plank Overlays are durable, hardy systems that hold up well to tables, chairs, fixtures and and foot traffic. Make it rustic and weathered or clean and contemporary.

Do you have a wavy concrete floor that real wood won’t work on? Do you have a moisture problem that vinyl plank won’t adhere to? What about a dance floor or waiting room with lots of traffic? These are all great areas to install a custom Wood Plank Overlay. It is one of the complicated applications to install. Big Red Decorative Concrete has the most experienced artisans to take inspiration and transform your unique space.

Sundek Sunstamp
Overlay System

Love the look of slate tile but hate that it only comes in such small tile sizes? Create an Ashlar Slate tile pattern with a Sundek SunStamp Overlay. The same look, feel, color and texture that love about your outside patio can now be a part of your basement as well.

Stamped Concrete Overlays exhibit the highest level of sophistication for your home. Create 3 to 4 foot tiles on the diagonal and see how it transforms your space into a show piece. Stunning and durable, unique and easy to maintain. The SunStamp Overlay system will elevate your lower level living areas to reflect the same sophistication you have in other areas of your home.