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Concrete Overlays in Kansas City


The most important step to creating a durable, long-lasting concrete overlay is the concrete preparation. Need old Epoxy Stone or failing Kool Deck removed? Let us remove that and get your concrete slab ready for a beautiful new overlay. We address cracks, spalling, shaling, settling, puddling and sealer removal during the concrete preparation process.

Sundek Classic Texture Overlay System

Developed over 40 years ago, the Sundek Classic Texture (knockdown) Overlay System revolutionized the concrete repair industry. Designed to improve the lifespan of ugly and deteriorating concrete,
Sundek Classic Texture offers a broad range of repair abilities as well as design options. With 16 Standard Signature Finish coat colors and numerous patterns, Classic Texture is the perfect solution for Pool Decks, Sidewalks, Driveways, Retail Entryways, Patios, and Parking Garages.

When one of the 6 lighter colors are chosen, the Classic Texture surface offers a 40% greater coolness factor than plain grey concrete. It also offers a non-slip surface making an ideal surface for commercial swimming pools, splash parks, sidewalks, patios and other areas prone to slip hazards.

Not every piece of old concrete is a candidate for concrete resurfacing or concrete refinishing.

Surfaces with minor cracks and spalling are ideal for the Classic Texture Overlay System. Smaller cracks can be implemented into a stone pattern or design that we call custom Scoreline Effects. This innovative approach to cracks allows the affected areas to still move freely and not cause serious damage to the overlay. With regular touch-up and sealer maintenance, it can prolong the need to tear out and replace a piece of concrete for years.

Concrete Overlay - Kansas City

Sundek Tuscan Overlay System

Sundek continues to offer new and innovative overlay mixes to their long- standing line of overlay products. Sundek Tuscan Overlay System is a “thin-set” system that creates a one-of-a-kind finish through hand troweling and custom staining. Hand carved or taped stones, tiles, or stencils are added to create depth and interest to the area. The Tuscan finish is ideal for patios, walkways, retail, restaurants, pool decks. It can be applied tightly troweled for a smoother finish or heavily troweled for a stone texture.

Tuscan Wood Plank Overlay System is the newest trend in overlays.  Realistically simulating wood plank of various sizes, colors and textures it  will rival any hardwood or manufactured hardwood floor in both appearance and performance. Uneven basement floors, outdoor patios, living areas are all perfect for the Tuscan Wood Plank. The overlay is applied is multiple coats and custom stained to meet your inspiration. The floor is sealed with a High Traffic Urethane to give it years of wear and durability.

Sundek Sunstamp
Overlay System

Don’t tear out and replace your existing patio just because you want it to be stamped. Let us install a Sundek SunStamp Overlay to add style, texture and value to your home. Stamped overlays offer all the same benefits of new stamped concrete without all the tear out mess. Color is integrated into our concrete mix and then colored releases and dyes are applied to enhance the final finish of the area. Mix textures and add borders to create a unique space that complements your homes exterior. Perfect for outside patios, driveways, sidewalks and front stoops.

SunStamp Overlays are not limited to the outdoors. We create custom interior floors that rival elaborate tile and imported hardwoods. With stamped overlays you are not limited to a certain tile size and color. Create the look of hardwood with the worry of water or moisture damage. The possibilities are endless and the final product is gorgeous.