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How to Budget for Quality Decorative Concrete Floor Installation Costs in Kansas City

News / January 7, 2021

We don’t often think about it, but your floor is the hardest working part of your home. It takes a beating from foot traffic, furniture, and basically any type of movement throughout the day. Your floor does a lot for you, and it’s an important investment in your home or business. 

The issue is that floor installation cost is often an afterthought when it comes to budgeting for renovations. You may decide on appliances, furniture, lighting, and more before thinking about the floor, when really it should be one of your first decisions. 

Understanding how to budget for floor installation cost is a huge step of being a responsible home or business owner when it comes to updates and renovations. At Big Red Decorative Concrete, we have years of experience with all types of concrete floor installation. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and experience with those looking to make an informed decision that best suits their space. 

Today, we’re going to discuss what to know and how to budget for a quality decorative concrete floor installation.

Decide your budget upfront.

We’ve already touched on this, but that’s because this is such a crucial step in budgeting for floor installation costs. Depending on the amount of renovations you’re doing, it’s important to have a clear ballpark range of what you want to spend on your floor installation in Kansas City. If it’s a complete renovation of an area of the home or business, decide on flooring first, not last. 

Before you can decide your budget for flooring, there are some factors to consider:

  • How will this space be utilized? Is it in the basement? Bathroom? Waiting area? 
  • What type of flooring do you want? (We’re biased, so we of course recommend interior concrete, but we’ll get into the benefits of interior concrete flooring in a minute 😉)
  • How many square feet will the project be?
  • Area environment (indoor/outdoor, dry/humid, commercial/residential, etc.)

Once you have these answered, you can use an online estimate tool to get a free quote for your floor installation project. This will help you understand your budget. Remember, this is an estimate, not a foolproof number, and some things could change depending on the unique needs of your project. 

Keep moisture in mind when choosing a flooring type.

This sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people may miss this important detail. If you know your basement or other area floods or gets overly humid, there are certain types of flooring you for sure want to avoid. For example, solid hardwood floors or carpet are a no-go for areas prone to moisture damage. 

Of course we must point out that indoor concrete flooring is a great choice for high-moisture areas, which is why it’s the type of flooring found in basements and other areas where you don’t want water damage. 

💡It’s important to note that despite the popularity of metallic epoxy, not every basement will be a candidate for this – but there are more moisture-tolerant applications that may be appropriate!

The perk? There are plenty of decorative techniques such as staining and stamping to make your concrete flow seamlessly with the space. You can even make the concrete look like tile, brick, or hardwood, but with the benefits and durability of concrete.

Factors that affect floor installation cost

Most people assume that the flooring type itself and labor are the only two things that affect floor installation cost. In reality, there are other factors of your home or business that can impact cost.

You’re unsure of what kind of flooring is beneath the carpet.

Mysteries are exciting, but not necessarily when it comes to what lies beneath the old carpet. It’s always a gamble to see what type of underlayers you might be dealing with, and unpredicted obstacles with old flooring beneath can affect the flooring installation cost.

Accessibility of your home or business

Accessibility means how easy it is for floor installers to get everything where it needs to be to complete the project. Walkout basements are some of the most accessible basement flooring installations because it has easy access to bring in materials and haul out any debris from the project. If installers have to navigate through a home and/or up and down flights of stairs, the cost of the installation can increase.

Type of chosen flooring 

Of course, it goes without saying that if you choose a concrete indoor floor for installation, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be dramatically lower in price than other flooring types. Things like the style, design options, special features, and material all affect the cost of the floor type you choose. 

Labor preparation and property protection

There are many steps that it takes to ensure that your home and property are protected during a flooring installation. Your installer will take time to bring in any necessary supplies and properly prepare the area for the installation, as well as set up anything to protect surrounding areas. There also may need to be repairs to the subfloor or concrete underneath before the flooring can be properly installed.

The Limits and Trade Offs of Low-End Flooring

It might be tempting to save money on a renovation by finding a low-cost option for your flooring. We advise against doing so since low-cost almost always means low-quality. Below are some trade offs for cutting costs on a flooring installation. 

Sacrifice a nicely finished look

When going with a low-cost option, whether it’s cheaper because of the type of flooring or the installation itself, you may not have a nicely finished look at the end. Things such as cracks and patches, holes from old carpet, and more can still be visible with a low-quality floor installation. 

Low end floors will show wear and tear easily

As we discussed earlier, your floors are the hardest working part of your home. They should be durable and able to withstand their environment from traffic in the home or business. Low-end floors will show wear and tear much more easily, and can be in need of fixing or maintenance more quickly than higher quality floor options.

Your flooring should reflect your home’s value

Flooring often becomes an afterthought during home renovations. This often leads to a tight budget with an end result that is less than perfect. If you have a home with great features, lighting, and finishes but low quality flooring, it’s going to stand out. Your flooring choice should reflect the home’s value, and low-quality flooring can actually devalue your home. 

The Benefits of Interior Concrete Flooring

At Big Red Decorative Concrete, we’re obviously passionate about concrete, and that includes installing it for interior flooring! We want to discuss several benefits of a concrete floor installation for your home or business in Kansas City.

Stylish and customizable

One of the top benefits that most may not realize is that decorative concrete is very customizable. It can be stamped to resemble tile, brick, and even hardwood. You also have control over the size of the stamping, so it will be tailored to your taste. It’s not like buying something off the shelf and being limited to what’s out in the store. You have control and creativity with interior concrete flooring. We also have a variety of stains to choose from, and many people choose to go with warmer tones to suit their home’s style. 

Kid, pet, and scratch resistant 

Concrete flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain, which is always great for kids and pets. Easily clean up any messes or spills on your indoor concrete floor installation, and it’ll still look as good as new for years to come.


Concrete is often associated with durability, and for good reason! It’s a staple in buildings that rely on durability to keep things going, and that can include your own home or business. It can even be more durable depending on the type of sealer used (such as epoxy or urethane). 

Cooler temperatures and great for allergies

Your utility bill will thank you during warmer months because your concrete flooring will help regulate temperatures more easily. It’s also great for rooms that may run at higher temperatures such as a kitchen or bathroom. 

Another comfort bonus: concrete floors are excellent for those with allergies! Carpet is the worst type of flooring for allergies; an easy-to-clean concrete floor is your best bet for allergy relief in your home. 

An indoor concrete floor can also be put onto a wood subfloor, so there is no need to worry about the floor installation of an interior concrete floor!

Wood Plank and Metallic Concrete Floor Finishes

We wanted to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on our wood and metallic floor finishes that are becoming a more popular choice for interior floor installation.

Big Red’s Sundek wood plank overlay system offers all types of techniques, colors, and textures to create a realistic wood finish to match your home’s style. These can look rustic and weathered or clean and contemporary. As one of the more complicated application techniques to install, we have the experienced artisans to transform your space. You can have the look of hardwood in areas that usually don’t do well with hardwood floors, such as the basement.

We also have metallic epoxy floors we create using Sundek SunMetal effects. These beautiful floors use micro metallic dust suspended in a clear coat of solid epoxy. The effect is rich with character and shine. These floors have a truly one-of-a-kind quality. 

Metallic Epoxy Flooring - Kansas City

Both of these unique interior concrete floor options are great for home or business owners looking for a high quality and stylish floor installation in Kansas City.

Big Red Decorative Concrete | How to Budget for a High Quality Floor Installation

We love to help others feel more informed about their flooring choices for their home or business. When it comes to knowing how to budget for floor installation costs, we’ve got you covered. 


  • Decide on your flooring budget upfront; don’t let the floors become a renovation afterthought.
  • Keep moisture in mind when choosing a flooring type. (Concrete is a great choice! 😉)
  • Be aware of factors that affect flooring installation cost.
  • Understand the limits of low-end flooring.

Do you have a flooring project you’d like to get an expert opinion on? Contact us at Big Red Decorative Concrete, and we’d love to discuss your project with you. We have decades of experience and skilled artisans that love bringing our customers’ projects to life. Feel free to use our free quote tool to get an estimate on your floor installation. 

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